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Foster Youth Campus Support Programs: A Leadership Guide

California College pathways is a project of the John Burton Foundation that provides resources and leadership to campuses and community organizations to help foster youth succeed at community colleges, vocational schools, and four-year universities.

By engaging institutions to work together, sharing best practices, and educating key decision-makers, California College pathways is helping foster youth across the state achieve their higher education goals and move on to fulfilling careers.

This guide is divided into four sections:

The first discusses advance work that a campus can engage in to create a plan for a campus support program, laying the necessary groundwork to maximize success.

The second section describes the various elements that may be included in a campus support program.

The third section provides information on other considerations related to the development and maintenance of a successful campus support program.

The final section provides samples of forms that are referenced throughout the document that can be adapted for use by a developing program.

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