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Mental Health, Youth in Care, and Professionals

When thinking about staying healthy, it is important to remember that being healthy is not just physical.

Being healthy also means that an individual is feeling strong mentally. This toolkit will help you to identify resources to help the youth with whom you work to maintain mental health as well as provide you with further information regarding this topic. 

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Preventing Juvenile Suicide Through Improved Outcomes Due to the multiple traumatic events that these youth have experienced and the sense of hopelessness and isolation that ensues from the experience of confinement, suicide risk for these youth dramatically increases.

A Home Within A Home Within is a network of mental health professionals who provide therapeutic services, free of charge, to youth who are experiencing or have experienced foster care. The network spans 22 states with 47 chapters, including Oakland County in Michigan.

Psychotropic Medication and Children in Foster Care: Tips for Advocates and Judges  Children who enter foster care face many changes and challenges that an lead to mental health disorders treated with psychotropic medications.

Foster Kids Given Psychiatric Drugs at Higher Rates The report, which focused on children in the Medicaid program, also found that foster kids were more likely to be prescribed five or more psychotropic drugs at an age and at doses that exceed the maximum FDA-approved levels — both of which carry serious health risks.

County Set to Begin Therapeutic Foster Care While traditional foster care focuses on placement, the county's Intensive Therapeutic Foster Care program will integrate placement and services to treat foster children who have mental health, emotional, behavioral, medical and social needs. These children will be placed in a family setting with trained caregivers and supported by a team of professionals.

Resources for Professionals and Providers Working With Young Adults The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has provided professionals with resources to better assist youth and their mental health. You will find information on health conditions, behaviors, risks, and services for young adults. You will also gain an understanding of youth who are learning and working during transitions as well as have access to the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD).

Mental Health Programs and Services in Oakland County Common Ground, a mental health agency in Oakland County has a number of programs and services that they provide.

Eating Disorders: Resources This toolkit provides resources to assist in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and awareness of eating disorders.

Therapeutic Foster Care  The State Policy Advocacy and Reform Center (SPARC) created this resource titled: Therapeutic Foster Care: Exceptional Care for Complex, Trauma-Impacted Youth From Foster Care. Inside, professionals will find best practices in therapeutic care, case examples, essential partners, state examples, promoting well-being in TFC, and current challenges. Click below to read the full article.

Mental Health for Youth and Young Adults When thinking about staying healthy, it is important to remember that being healthy is not just physical. Being healthy also means that an individual is feeling strong mentally. This toolkit will help you to explore a wide range of mental health topics including what it means to be mentally healthy. You will find resources that help you gain a better understanding of mental health, how to advocate for yourself, and also where to seek help when needed.

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