Fostering Success Coach Training

Fostering Success (FS) Coach Training was designed through a four-year campus support program for students who have experienced foster care, and is intended to train professionals working with similar student populations. The training provides professionals with a practical framework to address students' actions (and inactions) while giving consideration to a childhood of adverse childhood experiences and the expectations of college and career. FS Coach Training provides professionals with knowledge, awareness, skills, and tools that enable them to assist students in achieving success at both the college and career level. The model focuses on partnering with students to achieve goals related to academic, personal, and career success. 

The Fostering Success Coach Training consists of three levels. Fostering Success Coach Training: Level 1 introduces the seven core elements and three practice elements, which make up the core infrastructure of the Fostering Success Coaching Model. Level 1 training focuses on building a strong conceptual foundation for working with youth, and provides a basic practice skill set for working with students who have experienced foster care. Fostering Success Coach Training: Level 2 introduces advanced practice skills, and emphasizes building competency in applying the Fostering Success Coaching Model to challenges of persistent or crisis nature and presented by students and systems. Lastly, Fostering Success Coach Training: Certified incorporates a train the trainer approach, teaching the level I and II material for training, supervision, and consulting purposes with beginning and intermediate coaches. 

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Training Level Time to Complete Mode of Training
Fostering Success Coach: Level 1                                                                                                           -4 days, combination of in-person and web-based

Fostering Success Coach: Level 2                                                                                                           -6 to 12 months, combination of web-based and tele-conference

Fostering Success Coach: Certified                                                                                                      -12 to 24 months, combination of in-person and web-based

If you are interested in becoming a coach, contact Fostering Success Coach Training at (269) 387-8384 or 

Contact Information

Western Michigan University 1903 West Michigan Avenue- MS 5392
Kalamazoo, Michign 49008

(269) 387-8384

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Fostering Success Michigan is a program of Educate Tomorrow that aims to increase access and success in higher education and post-college careers for youth with experience in foster care. Learn how you can contribute to building a holistic network that insulates (i.e., strengthens protective factors and reduces risks) the education to career "pipeline." 

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