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During his rookie year in 1996, New York Yankees All-Star shortstop Derek Jeter established the Turn 2 Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles among youth. While sharing a pizza in a Detroit hotel room, Derek announced to his father that he was ready for his own foundation. Then and there, they laid the plans for Turn 2.

Turn 2's mission is to create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and "Turn 2" healthy lifestyles. Through these ventures, the Foundation strives to create outlets that promote and reward academic excellence, leadership development, and positive behavior. Turn 2's goal is to see the children of these programs grow safely and successfully into adulthood and become the leaders of tomorrow.

The foundation will nurture the children it serves with the cooperation of sponsors, partners, and Turn 2 staff. Their commitment and hands-on involvement is vital for success.

Due to Derek's close association with West Michigan, Tampa Fla., and New York City, programs in those areas are of primary concern to the Foundation. Since its launch in December 1996, the Turn 2 Foundation has awarded more than $20 million in grants to promote healthy lifestyles for thousands of youth.

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